Interaction vs. Connection

Lately, I have been working on my llama (as a side note, it is coming along wonderfully!), I have been given some extra work duties and have been interacting with people from home while crafting, gaming, and other types of things.

As one who does a lot of reflecting, I have thought about things pre-quarantine and during quarantine. I have joked with my friends that maybe I should try to get out more after all of this. I really don’t go out all that much. I may choose to change that, but it is too soon to tell.

In my work as a teacher, I interact with a lot of people. Students, parents, colleagues throughout the school day and often longer. Depending on when I get home, I usually eat, study, and try to do something for me before I crash.

Now, I still work from home. While that looks different right now, I have time to focus on quality vs. quantity. I am able to (re)connect with people. The more superficial act of interacting less leads to more meaningful and deeper conversations when we do have them. I am able to share what I am doing and making. In the process, more of me is coming out and I am getting the joy and love of learning about others.

The llama body…getting closer to being done but still a ways to go.

So, how are you making those connections? How is it working for you?

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