A Serendipity of Sunset and Sound

I have always found sunset on the beach calming. I am pretty sure it is the combination of colors and the waves and everything coming together. I love playing with color, particularly using color pencils. The unspoken rule for me is that if my hands don’t end up with blue/colors on them, I might not have done it right!  For this first picture, I wanted to try something different because usually, when I draw this scene, I only draw the sunset on the beach as it hits the sand. I was proud of this boat because of its detail.

In the second picture, I wanted to play with color again, but in a different way. I was inspired by a friend who loves lighthouses to do my take on them, but I really wanted to see if I could make the light shine out into the distance, and I think it came out very well. You may have to struggle to see it, but there is a little boat out there—and that is important too.

A few months after creating these pictures, I listened to one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs, “When You Come Back to Me Again” and I was floored because I didn’t realize what a connection I had made with these two drawings and the first verse of this song.

There’s a ship out, on the ocean

At the mercy of the sea

It’s been tossed about, lost and broken

Wandering aimlessly

And God somehow you know that ship is me

‘Cause there’s a lighthouse, in the harbor

Shining faithfully

Pouring its light out, across the water

For this sinking soul to see

That someone out there still believes in me

Looking at these pictures, I know there is a story there—and I am going to work on telling it. I just wanted to get a start going. There will be more to come!

(Also, I do not own the rights/etc., to Garth Brooks’ music, but I wanted to show the lyrics in case you a) don’t like country music, b) are in a place where you cannot listen to music at the moment, or c) just don’t want to go somewhere else.)

Until next time…

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