Over a Rough Patch

Well, during these times it is somewhat expected that during these times our emotions might go haywire. For me, that meant that the only thing I could really do is clean my house. Trust me, I was surprised that cleaning, of all things, was the thing that was keeping me going. I’m more organized, clean, and it is nice to see my house that way.

Initially, I had planned on following the A to Z Blogging Challenge this month and I am going to still do that–I need to get back into writing daily, and so I am going to use the challenge on the days where I don’t have things to write about.

My plan is to write daily and take it one day at a time. That is really all I can do–all any of us can do, at any time–pandemic or not.

How are you all holding up? What do you do to get over rough patches?

Purposeful Productivity

Well, today has been productive!

I decided to start some Spring Cleaning, because well, it’s Spring! I feel spring-y and I have the time right now to get things done. Today, I decided to clean and organize my closet. Not only can I see the floor, but everything has a place. It feels great!

I also have been working on a few crochet projects today, which has been nice. I have been working on my¬†Llama No Drama and the JOANN Stitch Along Spring 2020 blanket. I will have pictures when I’m finished. I enjoy crocheting as it helps me focus and relax. I often will listen to audiobooks as I work. Today, I have been listening to JoJo Moyes The Giver of Stars. If you haven’t read it yet, so far, I highly recommend it.

Now, if only I could only find my Roku Remote….