Interaction vs. Connection

Lately, I have been working on my llama (as a side note, it is coming along wonderfully!), I have been given some extra work duties and have been interacting with people from home while crafting, gaming, and other types of things.

As one who does a lot of reflecting, I have thought about things pre-quarantine and during quarantine. I have joked with my friends that maybe I should try to get out more after all of this. I really don’t go out all that much. I may choose to change that, but it is too soon to tell.

In my work as a teacher, I interact with a lot of people. Students, parents, colleagues throughout the school day and often longer. Depending on when I get home, I usually eat, study, and try to do something for me before I crash.

Now, I still work from home. While that looks different right now, I have time to focus on quality vs. quantity. I am able to (re)connect with people. The more superficial act of interacting less leads to more meaningful and deeper conversations when we do have them. I am able to share what I am doing and making. In the process, more of me is coming out and I am getting the joy and love of learning about others.

The llama body…getting closer to being done but still a ways to go.

So, how are you making those connections? How is it working for you?

Hardly Working, Yet Working Hard

Hello everyone!

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, even though I am working from home, time is all over the place. I am often checking the date and the day of the week. If I don’t have meetings on that particular day, I have no clue as to what day it is. It feels really surreal.

Pre-Corona Quarantine, I was on my computer a lot–working on work, working on the classes I am taking, using my computer as an escape by playing World of Warcraft. Thinking about it, it seemed like my life revolved around my computer. I have actually been enjoying taking the time away from the screen as much as possible. To be honest, it has been really nice.

So, if I am not on my computer all of the time, what exactly am I doing?

  • I am taking the time to evaluate and work on myself. As a middle school teacher, the time in the summer (especially since I usually work summer school) is not enough time to do some of work essential to the growth and healing process. Being at home is allowing me to do that work and still work with my students from home.
  • I have been working on my building my relationship with God and really looking for the good amidst all of the things that are going on. (Aside from my personal studying, one of the bonuses of having services moved online is that I can experience different denominations and churches.)
  • Crocheting! I am still working on the llama and it is coming along nicely. I am taking a break from the blanket for now. As I crochet, I am realizing that I really prefer making animals and such to making blankets. It’s not that I cannot make blankets, I have made them–I just have a preference. I am not sure why, and for now I’m not going to worry about it. I am just taking the time to do what I enjoy.
  • Reading–for fun even! I enjoy reading, particularly getting to go to different times, spaces, and places–real or imaginary. (Suggestions welcome, by the way!)
  • I have been working with different recipes that I have been wanting to try and such since I do not have to be bound to the time restraints of having to leave the house for work. (Once again, suggestions welcome!)
  • I have no ability to predict when I will be going back into the classroom, but I am working on bringing together materials and such so when we all come together, I will be at my best.

#100DayProject Goals

Today, April 7, 2020 begins the 100 Day Project and I have decided to make my project two-fold in that I will be crocheting, but I am going to alternate between my Llama and my Mosaic projects. I’ve put more information on each of the projects from The Crochet Crowd here in case you decide that you want to work on these. I’ve been working on these projects (I mentioned them in a previous post, I think!) but I wanted to give you a picture of both projects to see where I start today.

My goal is to finish both of these projects in 100 days, which I think is doable…and even if I don’t finish them in 100 days, I am sure that I will be much further along for it.

It is not too late to start! Join along with me (us) and tell what you’re doing! I look forward to showing progress!

Take care!

Purposeful Productivity

Well, today has been productive!

I decided to start some Spring Cleaning, because well, it’s Spring! I feel spring-y and I have the time right now to get things done. Today, I decided to clean and organize my closet. Not only can I see the floor, but everything has a place. It feels great!

I also have been working on a few crochet projects today, which has been nice. I have been working on my Llama No Drama and the JOANN Stitch Along Spring 2020 blanket. I will have pictures when I’m finished. I enjoy crocheting as it helps me focus and relax. I often will listen to audiobooks as I work. Today, I have been listening to JoJo Moyes The Giver of Stars. If you haven’t read it yet, so far, I highly recommend it.

Now, if only I could only find my Roku Remote….