Over a Rough Patch

Well, during these times it is somewhat expected that during these times our emotions might go haywire. For me, that meant that the only thing I could really do is clean my house. Trust me, I was surprised that cleaning, of all things, was the thing that was keeping me going. I’m more organized, clean, and it is nice to see my house that way.

Initially, I had planned on following the A to Z Blogging Challenge this month and I am going to still do that–I need to get back into writing daily, and so I am going to use the challenge on the days where I don’t have things to write about.

My plan is to write daily and take it one day at a time. That is really all I can do–all any of us can do, at any time–pandemic or not.

How are you all holding up? What do you do to get over rough patches?

To be an FFT, or not to be an FFT?

Okay, have I confused you yet?

So, I’m starting this blog out by a) confusing you with the title (you’re welcome!) and b) referencing a concept that has probably been around for awhile…but I hadn’t heard it this way before. So an FFT, according to Brene Brown’s podcast¬† Unlocking Us Podcast, an FFT (AKA F–I’m sure you can figure out the first word First Time) essentially embraces the awkwardness of new and/or unknown experiences.

You might be asking yourself as you read this, “why are you calling this an FFT?” People who know me outside of this space might (or, honestly, might not) know that I have had a blog before–perhaps even a few of them. What makes this an FFT, for me, at least, is the fact that I’m really trying to establish a blog. It has been a goal of mine for years. I’d get started, and then freak out because I thought I had to have specific blogs for specific things and I got overwhelmed. This usually led me to quit (even when I had a good thing going!) and then I’d feel guilty and frustrated for quitting, and essentially it just turned from a slippery slope to a shame cycle.

I am now back at square one and I’m excited and nervous because I really do have a lot of things that I’d like to talk about at some point in time. I just need to breathe, cut myself some slack, and take it one day at a time. I hope that you’ll join me!